9 July 2019

2019 Marketing Techniques To Grow Your Business

If you’re struggling to grow your business, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s all about your marketing strategy. We know that a sales transaction is required to support the growth of your business so the question becomes how do we get to that sale. Before we can answer that we […]

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18 June 2019

Why Digital Marketing Is Important

    Let’s begin with the understanding of “what is digital marketing” and then explain further, “why digital marketing is important”. Digital Marketing is the evolution of technology, mostly online with search engines, websites, mobile/tablets, text messages and various applications. One of the major benefits of digital marketing is that it streamlines processes that quickly connect […]

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17 June 2019

Marketing Power Hour – Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

The City of Los Angeles Business Source in partnership with Marketing 4 Real Results presents a free workshop for Small Business Owners looking for strategies to grow their business. This is a one hour workshop presented by Nia Pearson, CEO and Senior Consultant for Marketing 4 Real Results. During this event you will learn best practice for:   Video […]

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22 May 2019

Using The Power Of Digital Marketing To GROW YOUR BUSINESS

Did you start 2019 with the right attitude, amazing intentions and goals to grow your business, or are you struggling to consider where you should focus your marketing efforts? Whichever side you are on, we have a workshop for you.  Turn your small business into a BIG business. Learn how to understand customer’s persona and growth marketing […]

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30 April 2019

The Importance Of Online Reviews

The current age of massive digital transformation has made one point obvious and that is the need to adapt to change. Since technology is continuously advancing it is imperative to be creative and innovative to grow. Matching the right marketing solutions with the correct marketing strategies can be challenging and requires good decision making. An […]

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28 April 2019

2019 Content Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business

It’s important to acknowledge an obvious point, which is marketing is important to every business. Then we turn to the question of how, when and what efforts will make an impact on marketing campaign efforts. One great aspects at an agency like, Marketing 4 Real Results is that we work with tons of amazing clients […]

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10 April 2019

Branding Strategies To Grow Your Business

Branding is important to every business. If people don’t know who you are or can’t quickly get an impression of your brand, you will likely not get their business. To better understand why this principle can bring value to your business will require you to think beyond personality, logo colors, or websites. Social media is one of the […]

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5 April 2019

Branding Checklist To Grow Your Business

Branding IS… more than just your logo, tagline and website design. It’s one of the single most important aspects of your company designed to encourage people to trust and do business with you. The identify of your brand is dynamic and extends across all parameters of your business including: Product/ Service Company Culture Core Values […]

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30 March 2019

Email Marketing Best Practice To Support Your Business Growth

  Most businesses at some point face the challenge of growth. Without having an effective marketing plan that includes an email marketing strategy you are missing opportunities to connect to your target audience. With so many marketing options available to grow your small business, the “one thing” we recommend at Marketing 4 Real Results, (M4RR) […]

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18 February 2019

The Right Marketing To Increase Your Sales in 2019

The best way to increase your 2019 sales inevitably depends on “who your target audience is, which can be a difficult task to identify.” The important questions to ask are how to market, where to market and the frequency of marketing. With so much competition it is critical that you adopt an online-offline mindset to effectively […]

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13 February 2019

2019 Marketing Growth Tactics

You started 2019 with the right attitude, having amazing intentions and goals to grow your business. My hope is that you are on track and having much success. Cheers to you! If you are on the opposite side of this excitement and struggling to consider where you should focus your marketing efforts to effectively grow […]

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28 January 2019

Marketing 4 Real Results Joins The Constant Contact Partner Program

Sherman Oaks, CA – January 28, 2019 Marketing 4 Real Results, (M4RR) announced today it has joined the Constant Contact Partner Program as a Solution Provider Partner. Marketing 4 Real Results will now be able to provide its clients access to Constant Contact’s all-in-one online marketing platform and additional marketing services to help them reach current […]

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2 August 2018

Content Marketing Could Be Your Best Investment

In business we are always seeking ways to win market share and stay relevant. When considering marketing strategies and tactics that will lead to new customers and drive business growth, content marketing has taken a leading position. The long-term strategy of using content to build stronger relationships with a target audience has gradually improved over […]

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31 July 2018

Does Your Business Need A Marketing Plan?

As we embark on our entrepreneurial endeavors, the visions we have are generally positive. We never imagine the misfortune or bad days that make us want to give up. To help guide the track for success, business planning is important.  A marketing plan is the component of the business plan that may get overlooked. Since there are so many moving parts and so many ways to succeed, the way […]

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31 July 2018

How User-Generated Content Can Boost Sales

Nowadays, consumers are uncompromisingly flooded with different ads, promotions, and in simple terms, “noise”. When it comes to branding, telling stories is the best way to sustain your target audiences’ attention. However, the story has to be authentic.  At Marketing 4 Real Results, we advise our clients not to just throw together a bunch of nonsense […]

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