By Nia Pearson

The road to achieving successful business results has one constant and that is customers. Without customers, a business has no future. The invaluable lesson that we all learn to get what we want can be best represented by the coined phrase “you get more bees with honey”.

Building a competitive advantage in business can be done by effectively interacting with customers on a personal level. Mass customization and personalization can create compelling stories and thus brand ambassadors are born with a higher perceived value factor. My personal favorite customer service experience happens during a restaurant visit when the chef, owner or manager walks to my table and personally thanks me for my business. As a marketer I am perplexed that more restaurants don’t exhibit this behavior considering the astounding 90 percent of restaurants that fail in the first year.

Failing to effectively engage customers by evaluating customer preferences and developing customer-centric business models can bring the unfortunate demise to the growth potential and future of your business.

In today’s competitive environment customer service and marketing should work more closely together for the better good of the company. With consumers turning to social media as a primary source for research the data required for marketing to make decisions can be found in the customer service database of failures and success stories.

To accomplish remarkable results with this duo develop an atmosphere that fosters objective listening and the autonomy to be creative and problem solve. Two great objectives to get your team started is by asking customers what they want and delivering results and listening to customer challenges and fix them. Allowing your team to explore a customer-centric marketing process will drive positive growth for your company.


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